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“I’d definitely recommend Townhall.
Easy to setup and very easy for participants to answer and share.
It’s simplistic design is user friendly but very effective.”

Maria D’Souza, Executive Officer, Bank of Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose to have people register when they vote and this collects the age, sex, location of the voter. You can also collect email addresses if people opt-in to receive an email from you.
If you have the register function active you can invite people to opt-in to receive email from you.
Voting is limited to one voter per browser. Enforcing registration is another technique to minimise fake votes. Both are not failsafe ways to stop people voting more than once.
Yes, the report data is available for download as a CSV file.
Yes, by selecting pre-moderation in the dashboard it prevents reasons or ideas from going live immediately. You will get an alert and can go and make the reason active.
There’s lots of ways you can get information from your stakeholders - such as polls, surveys and Facebook comments.
We kept hearing about low response rates to standard online surveys. So we make Townhall quick and easy for participants, and it works!

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