What is the townhall?


The townhall app is a simple survey tool designed for the social age.

Townhall creates a place for people to express opinions and influence decisions. Organizations can use the tool to engage their audiences. At the same time it helps to spread their message through sharing and to capture key demographic data and insights.

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What are the technical specifications of townhall?

Townhall is built using Ruby on Rails, using a postgres database and is running on a Unicorn web server.


Townhall is hosted on Heroku, an internationally recognised cloud hosting platform owned by Salesforce.


Where is the data stored?

How is the privacy of users protected?

How does pricing work?

All data is stored on secure servers. We collect the age, sex and location of participants if our customers request it. If registering via Facebook, Google or email, the email addresses of participants is not shared or sold to any 3rd parties. You can see our privacy policy by clicking here.

Click here to view our pricing plans. You can choose to purchase a monthly pass to use the tool or buy the annual licence to receive significant savings.

We have a limited monthly plan of 4 questions for $25 if you only need to ask a few questions. The monthly plan of $99 allows for up to 50 questions.  All prices are in US Dollars.

Yes, we are happy for you to park your installation during periods where you are not asking questions. You can reactivate your account at any time. We reserve the right to reassign your townhall name if you haven’t used it for over 12 months.

Can I leave my installation going when not asking questions?


Yes, the description can be the same for each question, however, we suggest you write a different description for each question so it's more engaging for the participant. Use the chance to explain why this question matters and what you plan to do with the results. You can even include a link to additional resources.

Do I have to require participants to register in order to vote?

Can the description be the same for every question?

Enforced participant registration is optional, however, registration is essential if you want to collect data. If you want them to register, click on registration required when you set-up your question. You can have some questions require registration and leave others without it.

When registration is required the vote from a person is recorded regardless of whether they go through with the registration. You can then decide if you recognise their vote or not.