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Data-driven polls let you tell a whole new story.

Townhall is a proven way to engage your readership to create content like infographics and reports.

Learn how Word Vietnam magazine produced the Rooftop Bar Report by asking their readers a series of questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose to pre-moderate any reasons or comments added by participants.
The first time when participants have vote they will be asked for their age and sex in order to see the results. The location is captured from their IP address.
Access to data is dependent on your plan. You will be able to download data using CSV files and use as you wish. Only the Enterprise Plus plan prevents Townhall from using the data. All data use and rights is contained in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
The embeddable question format currently has no email capture functionality, although it is planned for release in Q4, 2016.
When the participants vote, they are invited to add their reasons why. As new reasons are added they give later participants more choices to select, so you end up with the top 3 reasons for their voting preference.
The Enterprise Plus plan allows you to replace Townhall branding with your own logo.

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