Why your questions should be all about them

So you’ve got your new townhall app set-up and you’re ready to start asking questions to your community.

Great! Now what questions do you ask?

Well lots brands instinctively want to ask questions about themselves.

Do you like me?

Am I good?

Which part of me do you like?

While these questions can work in focus groups or surveys where people are paid to participate, in general these kind of questions get a lacklustre response from a voluntary audience.

Even more than just participation, we want to inspire people to share the question with their friends and family.

This is the main benefit of being in social networks. Sharing!

Now remember that in social networks no-one likes an egomaniac, so it’s important to talk about things we all share in common, not just yourself.

You need to ask questions that inspire debate, highlight social issues, tap into what it means to be human.

We want an emotional response!

So, if you’re a sports team, ask who is the best player.

If you’re health food, ask if fasting after dark is a good idea?

If you’re an entertainment company ask who should win the Oscars?

If you’re a clothing label, ask about the use of recycled materials?

If you’re a city precinct, ask about local issues such as whether outdoor smoking should be banned?

Ask questions about etiquette, political issues, trends or lifestyle choices.

Checking social feeds for the trending topics can tap you into the conversation. Throw in a question relating to what’s being discussed and put a hashtag there so you become part of it.

There’s an unlimited range of questions you can be asking and an unlimited number of people willing to join the conversation.